Monthly Archives: March 2006

I am off to go camping

Camping.  The car is being packed as I speak.  We were going to go up there altogether.  About 50 of us.  Then it rained like hades for four days straight.  But the sky was so blue and the air so clean this morning, that we decided to go.  I feel subversive.  Like I encouraged the whole group not to go so I could have the whole place to myself.

We’re going with a friend and her kids.  Her husband told her last month that he doesn’t want to be married anymore, and he’s sticking to it.  

Maybe that’s what the weekend was supposed to be about anyway.

Maybe getting out of Montevideo, with the even cleaner air and even bluer sky will do something.  

I’m taking a book about prayer just in case.


Flaming Churches

On the side of a Catholic church here in Montevideo, next to an anarchy symbol:

“The only church which illumines is that which is burning.”

I couldn’t agree more.  This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s drink to churches on fire.